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Our Before and After Gallery

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Lip Flip!  While it doesn't add volume, it increases the amount of lip when she smiles.

Toxin to the frown lines.  Before photos are at maximum frown and then resting.  After photo showing "full frown."

Deep lines and wrinkles don't form overnight, nor do they resolve overnight either!  Here is two weeks after treatment.  Horizontal lines have softened nicely.  The "Elevens" are softening, but they will take time to fall away.

Forget that frown.  Toxin to forehead and frown lines.

Lip Flip!  Perfect for a smile in which the upper lip does a disappearing act.  While it does not add any volume to the lips, a Lip Flip helps to keep your natural volume in sight with movement


Hair Restoration.  This treatment works for both men and women.  Best results will be seen at 180 Days.

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